Sunday, September 1, 2019


Most of the continent tends to braid their hair when possible. It keeps it from getting messy, it keeps the oil out of your face, and it's good for doing labor. The stigma of women wearing their hair out is less common than the European middle ages, but it's still not encouraged. Even in the south, where women are given more status, you're likely to see hair wrapped up, but it's not so much because they're hiding their hair, as they have no hair to hide.

In the south it is extremely common to shave one's head, or at least crop it so close that it resembles a mixture of the U.S. Army crew cut, and the kind worn by Medieval Normans. There are both practical and social reasons. From a practical standpoint, once you get into the subtropical regions, hair can be rather uncomfortable, as well as prone to lice and infection. From a social standpoint, the racial mixture of the south meant that the wide variety of hair textures made catch-all means of treatment rather difficult, so the custom was to cut it as short as possible. During the times of blood quantums, it was also a way for Warlords to drop the question of lineage. It was also popular for members of the Non-Denominational church, as it helped unite all the Churchmen into one identity, as well give them a sense of anonymity when they're moved around from district to district.

Interestingly, as you go further and further south, the hair actually becomes somewhat longer and more elaborate. This is because the nobility of the deep south has taken to wearing wigs over their completely shaved heads. They favor lighter, even outright white hair for their wigs, but they're not powdered--they're usually made from livestock. They're also not the overly elaborate periwigs of the 17th and 18th centuries, but relatively simple--sometimes braided, but more common in the "Dutch page" cut, but bangs definitely feature heavily.

As you go out West however, it can be very common to wear one's hair long, but nobles and merchant cities favor a haved/braided combination not unlike the style of Native Americans, or the Chinese Queue, owing to both the Native and Asian influences that become much stronger past the Mississippi. The great plains will see long hair and and long mustaches, which would be evocative of a Hell's Angel.

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