Saturday, December 1, 2012


Darth Vader: A fallen star warrior, Vader is both a fierce warlord and a powerful wizard, locked inside a suit of black armor. The wind is said to be his breath, the thunder his voice. He possesses a fiery sword and the ability to rob those of their breath from a distance. His daughter is Mara,mthe redheaded witch. In a case of great irony, his son is Luke Skywalker, one of the greatest heroes.

Green Giant: It is said those who are overcome with great rage become Hulks, large, angry beast men of great destruction and little reason. The best-known is the Green Giant, a protector of the forest who can be appeased by farmers who take care of the earth. Largely the most benevolent of the Hulks, he still a fearsome engine of destruction should his anger be roused.

Elvis: King of the Rock Elves, magical beings possessed of a great musical talent. Elvis is said to pass as a mortal minstrel, but those with a good ear will suspect that he walks among us. Elvis sightings are very common, but not always believed.

Jessica: Called the Queen of Rabbits, it's believed Jessica was a fertility goddess at some point. Jessica is a being composed of light and rainbow, and is said to be a being of such allure, no man can resist her. It's said she has many beasts in her thrall, and give them the gift of speech.

Joker: An evil, laughing clown, who is the embodiment of debauchery and irresponsibility. Those who succumb to manic fits are said to be possessed by him. It is said the best way to escape evil Joker madness is to read scripture and hold a spartan, modest lifestyle. Ballads tell of those who have experienced unbelievable tragedy, become dark knights, are impervious to his seductive madness.

Jabba: When people pass by the swamps, they wonder if that awful stench is Jabba, a corpulent disgusting creature, with an insatiable appetite for food, good, spices, and of course, women. Jabba is infamous for his whisking away of beautiful women to serve as his concubines. He made the mistake one day, though, of capturing Leia, the intended of Luke Skywalker.

Man of Steel: the greatest champion of all, the mysterious Man of Steel possesses a range of qualities that can only be described as...super. There is nobody faster, stronger, or possessed of keener senses--he can even see through walls. He wears a red cape that allows him to fly, or at least jump towers in a a single bound. His great power is matched only by his virtue, and he carries no weapons. Americans cite him as an example of superiority, as many tales tell of his besting pagan warriors like Hercules, Thor, and even the princess of the Amazons, who he took as a wife.

Spiderman: A young man explored an enchanted forest, where he was bitten by a spider, giving him t speed, the ability to scale walls, and the knowledge to spin webs. However, an act of selfishness cost him the life of his uncle, so the spiderman was forced to atone for his neglect. This dark, weird hero, travels through the shadows taking on goblins, wizards and reptiles, performing great heroic feats, but never to enjoy glory as penance.

Yoda: If you are in a swamp and see a tiny green man, heed what he has to say. He is the wisest of all beings, even though he speaks in riddles and a strange way of talking which is hard to interpret. But to listen to Yoda is to find the path of light. Many of the mightiest star warriors count his as their teacher, including the wizard Ben who himself is regarded as one the great mentors.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Though Texas was a burgeoning state, home to some of the largest population centers of the United States, the climate of Texas, often arid on one end, and impossibly muggy on the other, had populations slowly migrating to better areas. It did not help that the Texas always had an ambivalent relationship with the rest of the US, and was perfectly willing to be the lone wolf in the downfall of civilization. It didn't take took long for various tribes to pick the state apart, piece by piece. Now Texas is no longer a state with easily defined borders, but a region that is vaguely said to start somewhere afterRed River, and end somewhere on the Rio Grande.

Right now, it's a microcosm of America in general, splintered between the farmers, the herdsmen, and the irrigators. The farms of the coast, that reach from Corpus Christie to Dallas are subjugated by the Anderson clan. The cowboys believe the farmers are an inferior,  filthy people, but they serve their purpose as traders, and a large enough population for skilled laborers and artisans. Basically, the farmers serve as a pool of resources--more sophisticated weaponry, armor, wagons, as well as a surplus of calories to build up the Anderson army, building them up to have total domination of the southern plains.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The cornerstone of the Abrahamic faiths, Jews were not always well treated on the various continents of both ancient, medieval, and even modern times. Their history was often one of being displaced from one nation to each other. This led to mass emigration to America, which in the industrial age, had more Jewish people living in it than any other nation save for Israel. (Which probably has its own story right now) There's roughly a million or so living on the continent now, mostly concentrated around the the Hudson river and its mouth; The Berkshires, Catskills and Long Island generally provide a cultural base and isolation. Manhattan is a territory of the United States of America, but is largely a port town with a fluctuating political climate. Although the USA Army makes laws that make life hard for them just like anybody else, the Jewish residents of New York City managed to make a niche by serving as ambassadors up the Hudson, bridging the political gap between the port town and the state of New York.

The Holy Land is far too distant for many Jews to make a pilgrimage to, however many try to make the far more feasible visit to the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, or in Charleston. Very few modifications have been made to the Torah, but "The Book of Clouds" exists as a quasi-apocryphal tome. Because of murky history, it's very mythologized, but it recounts the dark deeds of Adolph Hitler, and they hold a festival starting on roughly the last week of July.

There are a few settlements in Florida, as well. Because most of the Jewish people who lived in Florida in the 20th century tended to be older, and thus not create a great deal of lineages, the communities could provide a safety net and source of migrations as Jews, as usual, became scapegoats and targets when things went south. These communities also serve as a port stop for the United States Empire, helping pass along the goods in the long trade route that spans the Caribbean to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

They're also a sizeable minority in the Californias. Most of them have been driven out by the Scientologists, but live as Shepherds in the California desert, although Jews will sometimes be hired (or acquired) for servant positions, due to various restrictions by the Scientology faith. Due to the large Mexican-American population in the southwest, assimilation has created a new ethnic group, known as Shimishin. There are a few that have migrated the foothills, Northern Coastal Range, where they can exist as a buffer zone between the Scientologists and the Buddhists, the latter really not tending form schisms based on religious differences.