Saturday, March 6, 2010


Okay, so I think I've more or less done the articles for Government, Military, Lifestyle and Religion. I haven't really done, and probably will not do much, with the actual nation names, since 1) it's more about specific history than cultural overviews, and borders are essentially ever shifting and not necessarily beholden to nature, and 2) This is where I feel I would really be infringing on White's writing, as opposed to extrapolating. The only nation I really got any huge ideas for was New Jersey, which was inspired by the Mafia because they took to feudalism like ducks to water. Other nations I might do articles for might be New England, Quebec, Louisiana and New Mexico, because I think they have more going on culturally, as opposed to Piedmont or Ohio, which are more political.

Perhaps the "Here Be Monsters" articles, but even then, that's something that feels like somethig that horns in on White's writing, as opposed to answering questions he left asked.

In the meantime, I've been going back and refinign articles. Some changes;

Yankees: Because the icon was a plow, not a ship, I played down the maritime culture. It's still there, but I focused more on how the more solid land and decrease in infection allows a more structured population. I also took out the part about clothes, because it's redundant, we know what it would look like.

Republics: Renovated the whole building. Focused on Merchants as a class, and why some regions are feudal and some are republics. (And it comes down to compromise and having other people to answer to)

Feudalism/Knights: Focused more on the Warlords as a class. Still trying to figure out what would make it different in America. May explore Indian pyramaid mounds.

New Age: Added some stuff about healing crystals and other medicinal functions of the religion.

Scientology: More articulately explained why the Scrappy of religions took over California.

Voodoo: Decentralized the religion a little bit, since I had realized I turned Voodoo states into theocracies. And I get the sense the Caribbean regions are probably more free-wheeling than that.

Irrigation: Emphasized the importance of rivers. Pointed out how denizens may look like Southrons or Herdsmen, with their own cultural flavoring.

Cascadians: Pared down the article a little bit. I still fear the tree-houses may be ridiculous, although it does solve the rain problem. But in general, I came to the conclusion that the Buddhist page already explained what their lifestyle is like, so it may be a little redundant. I might fill in blanks by creating a separate "Pacific Northwest" article White was going to do, and try and make it a granola version of the United States of America page.

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