Sunday, March 7, 2010

Types of People

Just for fun, I decided to keep a list of all the classes and ethnic groups that make up Medieival America. The one sin italics are my own personal spin.

Cowboys: Barbarians of the Great Plains that raise cattle for sustinence, horses for war.
Warlords: Master of feudal states, located chiefly in forest zones. Career warriors.
Churchmen: Members of the Non-Denominational Church. Beauracrats and civil servants.
Secretaries: Fill similar roles of Churchmen, only are female nobles found in the Caribbean.
Nomads: Technically, cowboys are nomads, but some million shepherds roam the desert.
Mariners: Sailors who's tarde and fighting piece together empires on the coast.
Governors: Rulers of the desert. Exerts spirtiual and secular rule.
Merchants: Traders who, on the coastal inlets, run Republican city-states.
Buddhists/Monks: Wanderers who preach environmentalism in the Northwest.
Mormons/Templars: Inhabitants of Deseret.
Scienoss: Californians who revere old Hollywood stories.
Shamans: Healers in the desert.
Canucks: Inhabitants of former Canada. Ride dogsleds and hunt for food.

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