Monday, April 1, 2019

Roads and Retails

A popular game in Medieval America, "Roads and Retail", which approximates the epic warriors of the Industrial Age. They race each other on roads, and hunt for treasure in the sunless labyrinths known as "malls".

Character  classes include

Highway Patrol: Kind of the Paladin/Ranger of game.

Paramedic: The Healer--every party tries to have one.

Fireman: Definitely one of the more popular classes--you get to wield elemental power AND an axe. For game balance, they can only fight the elements, not other cars.

Biker: Leather clad and fights with a chain and sometimes crowbar. The best class for those who want to fight melee.

Exterminator: Medieval Americans can't get their heads around the amount of vermin that existed in the industrial world, and it's probably reached a level of mythologizing. Exterminators are specialists in fighting vermin.

Bulldozer: With their burly physiques, and even burlier vehicle, they're Barbarian of the industrial world.

Taxi: Something of a gestalt of everything Medieval Americans believe about 20th Century Middle Easterners, and sometimes Native Americans. Medieval Americans are rather ignorant.

Ice Cream Man: Uses ice magic to give energy and healing to his allies, and headaches to his foes. Has a wooden staff with riddles.

Nascar: The druidic priest of the road--they covered in incantations beseeching countless lesser Gods.

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