Monday, December 10, 2018

Religious Recap

Religion is probably the area White gets the most outlandish, and most satirical. It's also the map with the largest variety of buttons, which makes sense as America was settled by disparate religious misfits. Despite this variety, two religions  between them have over 80% of the land and population. It seems Christianity largely dominates the continent, but we get a little more esoteric once we hit the west. Islam, Hinduism and the Orthodox Church don't seem to have any real stronghold, probably because practitioners were largely in now dissipated urban areas, and those communities would not have a lifeline to places where those religions hold the majority. Pretty much no extant Protestant religion, originating in Europe or the U.S. seems to be prevalent.

I've summed up the religion as succinctly as I can, and once again, primary sticking with facts. (It's much easier and some cases than others) Any conjecture is quick, and largely based on confirmed history.

American Non-Denominational Church: White's own invention, dominant east of the Mississippi, basically a cross between the medieval Catholic Church and the federal government.

New Israelite: Practiced by the plainsmen, it's probably a mistake to think of them as "Jewish", just simply Christian fundamentalism taken to its natural conclusion.

Catholicism: Most prominent just outside the former U.S. borders. In colonial days, the Church was rare in the States, but the largest landowner In Mexico, and the major civic power in Quebec. It may return to that in the new Middle Ages, as White has stated its resumed importance in Europe.

Prominent just outside the former U.S. borders. In colonial days, the Church was rare in the U.S., but the largest landowner in Mexico, and ran much of Quebec's civil functions. That may return in the new Middle Ages, as White has stated the Church's resumed importance in Europe.

Voodoo: Voodoo is a highly syncretic religion, most commonly found in places on the Gulf Coast like Louisiana and Haiti. Louisiana Voodoo has also given women prominent positions, which could easily coalesce with the local gender dynamics, explaining its prominence in Secretarial States.

Mormonism: The State religion of Deseret (Utah). Its isolation, desert living, and the harshness of medieval world probably means it has facets of its 1800's beginnings as well as its fringe offshoots (The returns of polygamy is in fact confirmed).  Nearly exterminated 100 years aqo.

Buddhism:The main religion of the Pacific Northwest, which was never of Buddhist majority--however White may been inspired the region's relative Churchlessness, and easier access to Asian than European cultures. The bar does have crosses, so elements of Christianity may seep in at times.

Scientology In modern days, a very controversial, and to be honest, declining cult. May have been different if White started it today, but it seems to illustrate the West coast's eccentricities, penchant for self-help and cults, and what can happen with an autocratic isolated desert fiefdom.

 New Age: We know the least about this, due to New Age not really being codified in real life, as well as White not covering much about New Mexico. From what we can tell about its location and hints here and there, it may combine Indigenous beliefs, Ufology, and maybe a hint of Egyptology.

Judaism: Does not seem to have a territory, but this map shows good-sized cities have Jewish communities. May exist much as they have in the old Middle Ages, the disbursement and persecution a drill they're acquainted with. Might not be as mad due to America's religious pluralism.

East and West Heresy: There's two "heresy" pages White never completed, and the one on the east even has its own link on the front page map (Near West Virginia). It could really be anything--Evangelical Baptists, Snake-Handlers, Jedis...may not even be actual religions, just respective exile-zones.

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